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Who we are

We meet you where you are and work collectively with you to reach your most liberated and  expansive vision of your organization. 


We bring our most liberated selves into everything we do. We are real people working to make real community change. We honor our families, friends, community, and ancestors with liberation work.  


Liberation U Consulting is a mission-driven firm specializing in Anti-Bias Anti-Racism(ABAR), anti-oppression, generative conflict, strategic planning, board/staff coaching and development, and facilitation. Black-founded and led, we’re activists, scholars, caregivers, advocates, space-holders, coaches, strategists, and artists. We draw on these intersectional perspectives and lived experiences to engage with people and organizations in the journey toward their boldest, most liberated selves.


What we are up to

Liberation U was founded in 2018 to support organizations as well as individuals to further step into anti-racism and implement the principles of Anti-bias Anti Racism into their lives as well as their organizations. The core of our work at Liberation U is Decolonization, Abolition, Interpersonal Healing, and Transformational Justice. 

Get to Know Us

Our logo is inspired by the West African Adinkra Symbol Bese Saka

Which means  “sack of cola nuts”

The bese saka is a symbol of abundance, power, unity, affluence and togetherness. 

The cola nut played an important role of economic life for Ghana. We chose this symbol because it represents bringing people together with a common goal.

"Any real change implies the break-up of the world as one has always known it, the loss of all that gave 

one an identity, the end of safety."

~James Baldwin

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