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Black-founded and led, we’re activists, scholars, caregivers, advocates, space-holders, coaches, strategists, and artists. We draw on these intersectional perspectives and lived experiences to engage with people and organizations in the journey toward their boldest, most liberated selves. We center Equity, belonging, and antiracism. 

We meet you where you are and work collectively with you to reach your most liberated and expansive vision of your organization.

We bring our most liberated selves into everything we do. We are real people working to make real community change. We honor our families, friends, community, and ancestors with liberation work.

What we're up to 

Our core values at Liberation U are Decolonization, Abolition, Interpersonal Healing, and Transformational Justice. In our dedication to these values, we’ve created and cultivated some alternative models that we use to focus on engaging our minds and bodies by way of Somatic movement workshops, anti-bias anti-racist workshops, and practice guides. In order to create these alternative models, we commit to the daily practice of questioning our own socialization, unlearning what we’ve been taught, and decentering whiteness. We value our intersectional lived experiences and apply those experiences and bring our fullest selves to our organization’s work. 



We provide coaching and educational support and offer extensive workshops covering topics from anti-racism, abolition, decolonizing and liberating sex and sensuality, LGBTQIA + affirmation building, to social justice organizing how-tos. Our goal is decolonization in both a personal and community way. We seek to support you through the arduous yet liberating process of becoming and remaining an Anti-Bias Anti-Racist. 



We can always discuss creating a particular version or series of the workshop(s) that interests you and your unique community too! The origin of many of these workshops was that communities wanted a workshop/ Training/ Community session created just for them!

Book Collectives

At Liberation U, we believe in collective learning and space sharing. A primary aspect of Liberation is the co-creation of maroon spaces. We will meet monthly for 60-90 mins to talk, share space, eat good snacks, and ruminate over our current book! 
Although we would love to see you at every monthly gathering, we know what it means to BE in America, so there are no penalties for missing a gathering. We will cover each book for 2 monthly gatherings; depending on book length, we can shift that timeline according to our COLLECTIVE needs. There will be a hybrid option for folx who aren't in New Haven, so no worries! 

Black & Liberated Bookclub
Joyful Alchemy Bookclub

Black & Liberated 
Book Collective

Who this space is for:

This gathering is for folx who identify as Black, Afro-Caribbean, African American, African, or Afro-Latine/a/o. Most of our book authors identify as Black, Afro-Caribbean, African American, African, or Afro-Latine/a/o.

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Joyful Alchemy 
Book Collective

Who this space is for:
This is a Multicultural book club hosted by Liberation U. This book collective is for folx who identify as Black, Afro-Caribbean, African American, African, or Afro-Latine/a/o, AAPI, NHPI, AMEMSA, APIDA, white, white Latine/o/a, or European.

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Please use the QR codes to access the registration forms for each book collective!

Meet our founder

"There is one thing you have got to learn about our movement. Three people are better than no people." ~ Fannie Lou Hamer

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