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Somatic workshops

For so long, we have been taught to ignore our bodies; we have been disconnected from the ways systems of oppression have rooted in our bones. We are told that just "talking it through" is enough. Somatic practices allow us to honor our bodies through body movement to physically move through past and sometimes current experiences like stress, anxiety, and trauma. 

Tension and trauma get stored in our bodies if we don’t work to dispel all that energy intentionally; it lingers in our limbs, minds, and bodies and often gets dispersed in ways not beneficial to ourselves or others. Engaging in yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and dance can reconnect with our bodies, tune into our internal experiences, and learn to regulate our tensions and stress holistically and safely. We can wander and notice how the world affects us through somatics.  For so long, people believed that talking through emotions and past experiences could help us heal stress, anxiety, and trauma and move forward. 


Clock Gears

System thinking

Abolition 101


In 2023, our communities are generating intense demands for structural change, including strategies to defund police and cancel contracts or entire police programs and initiatives, as well as creating alternative communities for folx to heal and shift their lives after journeying through emotional unwellness, different ableness, and other medical systems. Abolition is a practical way of organizing around every social injustice people face. 

ABAR 4 U Series: Systems, People Power, & Transforming


Systems thinking helps people understand why changes in multiple institutions are necessary to make sustainable progress toward racial equity in particular spheres such as education, health, or economic security. When we understand systems, we can identify the entry points for change and connection among those entry points.

ABAR 4 Environmental Justice


The intersectionality or links between climate and racial justice are impossible to separate.  The same communities impacted by racial injustice are also most affected by climate change and climate injustice. This devastating impact is no accident or coincidence; the institutions that control all systems are built on racism. So anti-racism and anti-oppression must be the foundation of every new system we make.

Intro to Organizing 


Community organizing is a core tool used to mobilize for social transformation. Community organizing can include:

  • Changing policy.

  • Challenging how we allocate public resources.

  • Transforming realities on the ground for historically divested communities.

This strategy is effective when led by communities of color and LGBTQIA+ folx who generally have the most at stake and can also best identify the path to change. 


This training introduces the foundations of organizing and movement building and provides a framework for action for community or political engagement.

Friends Portrait

Transformational Relationship Building

Generative Conflict, Transformational Justice, and Restoration


Transformational Justice (TJ) is a political and sociological analysis and practice for responding to violence, harm, and abuse. At its core, it seeks to respond to violence without creating more violence or abuse and uses harm reduction to lessen intrapersonal and interpersonal violence. A great way to think about TJ is that it is a way of “making things right,” getting in the “right relationship with one another,” or creating justice together. It does not seek to replace policing or police by punishment but aims to eradicate the need for more punitive systems, like policing, that often create more harm and violence.

Black Affinity Spaces


HOOD HEALING, Black Liberation, and Healing (for Black folx and POC who also identify as Black(i.e., Afro latine, Afro-Caribbean) 

Have you ever heard the phrase “Black people are like crabs in a barrel”? So often, we hear this rhetoric without the expansive thought of “Who PUT the crabs in the barrel? As barrels aren’t a crab’s natural habitat.” 


This offering is a flexible living container to investigate the current and sometimes lived experiences of Black folx not only in America but the world. This container allows us to have hard conversations, learn generative conflict tools in a community, and put them to practice without the gaze of folx who aren’t of the lived experience of Blackness. Some topics covered but aren’t limited to “the Diaspora Wars,” Religion vs. Spirituality, The Black Family Dynamic, Relationships and Finance, and Child Growth & Development.   


This container is customizable for any organizational structure, grassroots, legacy, or nonprofit.


The topics covered can be outside the abovementioned discussion topics; during the consultation process, we will create an agenda for your specific needs.


Interested in booking a course? Email us for Pricing!

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"When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid." ~Audre Lorde

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